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How It Works

Making asset ownership Eezy within the corporate environment


Making it easy to buy a car by creating automated applications for Finance and Insurance

  • Authentic valuation for both the buyer and the financial and insurance companies

  • Auction services that manage the process of buying approved cars

  • Cleaning and maintenance of those cars

  • Storage of those cars

Automating processes to save time

  • Eezy Insurance and Finance apps assist the client to get pre-approved finance and insurance cover prior to purchasing the asset.

  • System allows for instant response and purchase

Protecting assets that have been financed and insured

  • State of the art identification and monitoring products, accident reconstruction and driver behavior reports available

  • 24/7 control room

  • Anti-theft labels and reputation

  • Recovery and Repossession teams nationwide to recoup any losses

  • •Virtual recreation of incidents

  • •Driver behaviour data tracking

Allowing the Finance company to put the asset back through the cycle to recoup their losses

This simple process extends into several complementary areas:


Asset management – DataDot technology removes the need for clumsy stickers with barcodes and is much simpler and cheaper to have


Asset tracking – allows a client to receive an alert if an asset that should be stationery is on the move


Polygraph testing - for any incidences that need further investigation

for any of our services feel free to contact us to discuss them further

Contact us on +254 709 335 003 

Eezy Group have created an end to end service to support Financial and Insurance Industries

– a cycle that will significantly increase the odds of recouping losses and reduce fraud

How It Works
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