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Use our 360-degree services to take care of your non-core business

You do the finance let us take care of the Lifecycle of your asset

Valuers & Assessors

Eezy Track

Eezy Repossessions



Eezy Automotive

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Eezy Valuers and Assessors
Our fully automated process limits collusion and fraudulent practices


Self valuation


Insurance valuation


Finance valuation


Mechanical valuation

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+254 709 335 003

Eezy Track


Using the latest GSM technology, we can track your assets/fleet and monitor them from our 24/7 centralised control room


Eezy Track offers industry-leading accident reconstruction  services


Eezy Track offers a free 24-hour unit testing service


Eezy Track has repossession and stolen vehicle recovery teams based in key areas across East Africa

Eezy Asset Management

The Eezy ID solution contains thousands of microdots applied to specific application points.

Did you know

They are sprayed on or applied like a glue stick

Did you know

Each dot contains a unique identifier – behind which contains all the product data and the ownership data

Did you know

By adding a tracking device, to high-value items, we can alert you if a static object moves

Did you know

Over 10,000 dots are applied to an asset in up to 100 different locations


Eezy Repossessions

With our asset labelling and tracking devices, we are able to locate any vehicle and commission the repossession team to retrieve your asset for you

Assets being Tracked


Hardy Business Park,

3rd Floor,

Koitobos Road, Karen

+254 709335005

Salama Rd next to Paradise Motel,

Plot 5553/5554 Salama-Bugiza
+256 200260700

Sinza A,

The Kinondoni Municipality,

Dar es Salaam.

+255 746202138

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