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What we do

Eezy Fix is a product offers car repair  financing to individuals who bring their cars to your dealership for repairs. We understand that many of your customers may not have the funds readily available to cover unexpected repairs.

Our affordable and transparent financing solutions make it easier for customers to budget for vehicle repairs. Moreover, providing financing sets your dealership apart from competitors and enhances the overall customer experience by alleviating cost concerns.

Our process...


Present the financing option  available, to clients who are  unable to meet their repair costs.

1. Identify Financing Needs


2. Receive a personalized quote

Your team of experts will assess the financing needs and provide a personalized quote that meets the specific requirements of the client.


We will install a secure finance application link on your system so you can have access to the real-time process of application and approval

3. Install application link on your system


The clients submit a copy of their logbook, ID, and other requirements, and our team will take care of the rest of the application process.

4. Submit your documents


On completing the application process, we will issue you with a purchase order (LPO) to proceed with the repairs.

5. LPO


With the LPO in hand, you proceed with the necessary repairs required.

6. Get to work


Once the repairs are completed, we will send a valuer to re-assess the vehicle and install a tracker for added security.

7. Vehicle re assesment & tracking


With the vehicle repaired and ready to go, you get to profit from increasing the number of repairs completed.

8. Vehicle release

Client requirements...

  • Copy of original National ID of client

  • KRA Pin

  • Copy of original vehicle logbook

  • Active vehicle insurance

  • Copy of Insurance Sticker

  • 6 months bank statements or 12 months MPESA statements

  • 1 colored passport-sized photo

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be paid as a dealer?
  • Yes. Once the tracker is activated, payment will be released to you.

What do you use as security?
  • The vehicle logbook will be charged as security for the repair costs.

What's your minimum repair cost?
  • Currently, we are working with a minimum repair cost of KSH. 30,000.


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