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Eezy Asset Management

Coupled with a tracking device, our control room and repo team, this service is one of a kind in Kenya

Aside from the seamless processes, Eezy Group has pulled together one of the most unique products. Their asset tracking solution Eezy ID. By using advanced DataDot technology an asset can be marked with very little visibility.

  • Microdots are sprayed onto an asset

  • Each dot contains a unique PIN

  • The PIN contains the data behind the asset, ownership, dates, functions and where it should be. It holds any unique information required 

  • Each microdot can be as small as 0.5mm and for larger items up to 1mm in diameter

  • 10,000 dots are applied to a vehicle in up to 100 different locations


Eezy ID is very Eezy

  • Takes 20 minutes to apply

  • Once applied, the dots can be read with a mobile scanning device which picks up and reads the data contained on the dots and immediately shares the information on the screen

  • Setting this up is a one-off cost and process

Additional security

  • The DataDot sticker applied to vehicles is an instant deterrent for theft

  • It is impossible to remove all the dots

  • They help in recovery by proving the ownership instantly

Eezy ID gives vehicles their own unique DNA

Eezy Mortorcycles

Eezy Parts Marking

Eezy Motor Vehicles

Eezy Business & Household

Eezy Agricultural Industry

Eezy Mining Industry

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Eezy Motorcycles

The DATADOT motorcycle solution contains thousands of microdots that can be applied in specific application points. The 10-digit microdot gives the motorcycle a unique number that can be used for identification purposes.


Advantages of using microdots:

  • Gives your motorcycle a unique identity

  • Easily identify your motorcycle and parts through your unique pin

  • Central information database

  • One off cost


Additional motorcycle tracking and fleet management solutions available

Eezy Motorcycles

Eezy Parts Marking

Marking your parts with DataDot’s microtechnology gives each part a unique identity. Our parts marking solutions are designed and customised to meet the needs of parts suppliers, insurance institutions and vehicle manufacturers.


Advantages of micro dotting:

  • Warranty claims can be authenticated

  • Maintenance plans can be effectively managed

  • Parts with unique serial numbers can be managed more easily

Eezy Parts Marking

Eezy Motor Vehicles

Mark your vehicle and key parts with DATADOT’s microtechnology. The 10-digit microdot gives your vehicle a unique number that can be used for identification purposes.


Advantages of using microdot technology:

  • 10 000 microdots applied to your vehicle and key parts

  • Easily identify your vehicle and key parts

  • DATADOT warning sticker

  • Central identification database

  • One off cost

Additional vehicle tracking and anti-theft solutions available

Eezy Motor vehicles

Eezy Business & Household

DATADOT products are technologically advanced and easy to apply. Micro dotting your assets gives each item a unique identification. Each microdot is 0.5mm in size applied with an adhesive embedded with nanotechnology and has a unique pin number that can be traced back to the rightful owner.

Eezy Business & Household

Eezy Agricultural Industry

Mark your agricultural equipment and tools with DATADOT’s microdot technology to give each item a unique identity. Our uniquely coded microdots come with a 10-digit pin number and adhesive encoded with nanotechnology.


Advantages of using microdot technology:

  • Easily identify equipment and parts

  • Each item has a unique identity

  • Central information database

  • One off cost

Additional asset and vehicle tracking solutions available

Eezy Agricultural Industry

Eezy Mining Industry

Asset protection, identification and recovery is still a main concern for the mining sector, with loss of assets and product having a direct negative impact on the sector.

  • By securing the identity of assets through the use of our technology a mine is able to positively identify their asset should it be stolen

Additional vehicle tracking and asset tracking solutions available

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Eezy Mining Industry
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